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Anyone ever done this?


Wheeling out at devils Canyon in CA and the rear yoke decided to have an issue. Basically the rear shaft was hard on a rock breaking the little tab that holds the u-joint in place. This allowed the u-joint to slip out sideway and almost destroy the shaft. I am lucky someone say this right before I was going to throttle down! The U-straps actually stripped the threads making it fun to get off the trail...

Luckily I had a spare 1350 yoke at home to replace it with better u-straps this time.

yep i did that. i just welded a little ball of weld there and dremilled in the shap of the tab and has been fine since.that was 3 yers ago.

Yep I used to carry two spare sets on my Ford as they were cheap.

Looks fun , I usually carry spare yoke and u bolts.


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