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General Discussion / How High Did You Get
« on: June 19, 2017, 02:06:46 PM »
As much as id like to, im not referring to rolling a fat one and passing it around the campfire. What high temp did you come across in this heat wave. Mine was @ I-17 & Camelback, at only 1:30, so im sure we can get much higher this afternoon.

Ive got a fun collection of classic military, and old west weapons, but im finally gunna join the 21st century and get a new gun.
With the Bronco on hold waiting for a special order flange/cv assembly (that i ordered 3 weeks ago and still have no eta) i need something to tinker with. So, i figure, what the hell, lets build an AR. The first round of parts arrived today...

I assume at least a few of my AlloffroadAZ friends have built one of these and will be able to assist if i cant figure it out?

Toyota / Toyota 3.0L to 3.4L swap
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:15:59 PM »
Anybody out here ever do one of these?

Some co-workers and I have been attempting this one, taking the old 3.0L V6 out of his 94 Taco, and swapping in a 3.4L out of a 2002 4-Runner. We then got ahold of an engine harness & computer from a wrecked 02 Tacoma V6 4WD manual trans, and clutch & flywheel for same truck configuration (per Toyota tech support, the proper combination to get. very nice of them to email us back btw, if only they would help on the next issue). Everything seems to work together, although none of it has been the direct swap the folks on the internet claim it to be, almost everything has required some amount of modifying.

The stage we're at now, and don't really know exactly how to proceed is the wiring. A conversion harness is out of the question due to time & money (mostly time,as both websites that sell them and 2 shops here in town that claim to do it are all min of a month out to get anything made). I can find all kinds of sites & forums about this particular, and very common, engine swap for older Yoda trucks, all of which proclaiming about how easy it is to wire the new engine harness to the older truck, but none that really give any detail into the specifics of the wiring. We have Haynes manuals for both trucks, and access to Toyota's tech info website, so we have all of the wiring diagrams.

My question though, and the one I'm hoping someone here has some kind of insight on, is: Do I hard wire the new engine harness & computer into the existing vehicle body harness using the wiring diagrams to get the wire functions to match up? IE; ECM power out of new ECM wired into ECM power on body harness, gauge to guage, fuel pump to fuel pump, ignition lead to ignition lead, ect ect ect...

Or is it not that simple? Any thoughts?

BTW, I do have 4 engine harnesses (or part of) and 2 complete body harnesses to work with, so no issues on not having the right plugs or enough wires. And can take pictures of anything you want/need.

And one last thing before you all say it.... I already told him he should of just put a small block Chevy in it.

Builds / Durf's Bronco
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:30:04 PM »
Time for the official build thread folks. Been a long time since ive had the privilege of posting this kind of stuff. Im not much of a Ford guy, but i'll take what i can get.

So here it is. My shiny new 1990 OJ Bronco. HO 5.0l v8 out of a 94 mustang gt, E4OD transmission, 3.55 gears with posi in the rear, 4in lift, 33in tires.

General Discussion / Good To Be Back
« on: June 26, 2016, 04:59:38 PM »
First off i want to say im back *****. But its seems like during my few years off this place sure has slowed down a bit, looks like only a couple posts a week. I sure hope you all still hang out and partake in meet & greets and trail runs, cause most of you are genuinely good company. So in the few years ssince ive seen any of you other than jake, im like a whole new person; ive got a new job, home, truck, and this fancy new phone that allows me to finaly connect to the outside world again. As soon as i finish learning how to use it, ill post the pics of my OJ Bronco i rescued from some tweakers out of a nack yard, and have spent the last 2 months fixing and cleaning up. Hope to be trail ready soon, and hope to hang out with guys again soon.

Dodge / Just Plain Overkill
« on: May 06, 2011, 10:44:32 PM »
Not wanting to be out-down by Exxon's Valdez , BP's gulf spill, or Fords Excursion as the worst environmental disasters ever to hit U.S. soil, the Dodge Boys have come up with the all new Ram Heavy Duty Long Hauler concept.  I have a hard time looking at this thing without tearing up in laughter, let alone typing this info for you guys, but as the name implies, this truck is designed for the heavy hauler/tower who takes long trips with his/her truck and trailer(i.e. horse breeders, race car teams, long distance tow truck drivers, rich old guys from Scottsdale taking their yacht to Maine, or Nate just going outta town for a vacation.)

The vehicle starts life as a Class 5 Ram, in Mega-Cab form, with an 8 ft bed. Wheelbase is 197 inches, overall length 288 inches, and this welter weight tips the scales at a staggering 9300lbs. The truck has 3 gas tanks totaling 170 gallons of fuel capability. Power comes from the legendary 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel (800+ ft.lbs of torque), an AS68RE tranny, and a Dana 110 DRW axle w/ 4.88 gears. Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating of 37,500 pounds means the only thing you cant tow, is another Ram long hauler. Lets put this into perspective; the top of the line GM Duramax 3500 dually has a GCVWR of 21,500. The best equipped Ram 3500 is 30,500. Fords best F-350 is 20,500. Tundra maxes out at 16,000. This is a Class 5 commercial grade Medium Duty truck wrapped in Ram Laramie cloths.

Inside, the truck has all the class and convenience features of a Ram Laramie to get you cross country in style and comfort, including the rear view camera to help you line up with your trailer hitch and get in and out of parking spaces with a bit less effort. The camera is less of an option and more of a mandate, since its impossible for the human eye to see distances as far as the back of this monstrosity. And of course, it does have the Ram Box as well as the floor storage coolers, cause when your truck is a rolling Desert Mini Storage, you need all the extra cargo room you can get. I think there has been a run on Dodge dealerships in the state of Texas.


The whole stories in there. Short version, the lead tech Xavier Ramirez in an inept buffoon and cant even be trusted with basic maintenance jobs. Let me reiterate that im only pissed at the service shop. The sales and finance departments have done an excellent job throughout the entire process, even when im cussing them out the sales people and managers are trying to get things taken care of. Its just Xavi and his crack team of morons that cant get their sh** together.

Chevy / Engine Misfire
« on: March 26, 2011, 01:26:04 AM »
So i bought an 07 Cobalt on Saturday. On monday morning while making a left hand turn it slammed from 1st to 2nd gear and the check engine light came on. It also began to idle rough thereafter. In hindsight, it always had a kinda rough idle (i recall bringing it up with Jake on Sat) but i didnt really pay attention till the MIL came on. Got home ran the code reader and came up with Cylinder #1 misfire  and random engine misfires. Tuesday the rough idling got worse throughout the day, to the point where it would literally buck you outta the car if it werent for the seat belt, and it was still slamming the 1-2 gear shift. I dropped it off at the dealership that afternoon and didnt get it back till Thursday evening. They said it just needed a new coil pack. Car ran great, untill pulling up to work the next morning when sure as sh**, check engine light with same exact codes, same 1-2 gear slam, same exact f***ing left hand turn. Rough idle again, although no where near as bad as Tuesday. This is when i first noticed the puttering at the tail-pipe (comfirmation of the computers misfire diagnosis) Only had the 1 rough gear shift, and now the only time it misses is when its thoroughly warmed up and at low RPM for extensive time. So I changed the sparks plugs (AC Delco Iridium gapped to .0043), oil and filter, and fuel filter. now its to the point where it has to be in gear idling for 15 secs or more before it starts acting up. Slowly but surly making progress. If i can afford a compression gauge tomorrow ill run some tests to narrow it down. I know alot of you are GM owners so if any of you have any tips tricks advise or input id love to hear it. Im hoping to get it fixed myself so i dont have to go another 3 days without my car waiting on the idiots at the dealership to "look at it".

Chevy / Ecotech
« on: March 20, 2011, 01:34:12 AM »
It is a timing chain not a belt! The origins of the motor go back to Opel over 30 years ago. The 2.2 is very similar in design, function, parts, performance and durability to the glorious Saturn 1.9's. So needless to say im set for a few years. 

I know only 3 of us know what in the hell im talking bout, so to fill you all in this is the continuation of a conversation between Jake and I about 6 hours ago.

General Discussion / Speech to AlloffroadAZ
« on: May 16, 2010, 03:13:09 AM »
   Thank you. Thank you all for that warm introduction. Let me first start
out by saying how much of a privilege it is to be here speaking in front
of you all tonight; Fellow off-road enthusiasts, Arizonan's, friends,
colleagues, acquaintances, and all around Americans alike.
Its an honor.
   The great James Hetfield once wrote, "then it comes to be, that the
soothing light at the end of the tunnel, is just a freight train comin
your way". We've all been here before, staring success in the face, just
to have it ripped away violently. But its these troubling times were we
must learn to fight through and find victory how ever necessary.
Let me share with you all a story. About one brave man who over came
countless "freight trains" coming his way.
   Jake, a.k.a. Cuda K5, fell victim to the trail. After numerous re-
seals, and re-threads, of a t-case to tranny, the glass-o-matic 700R4
finaly kicked the bucket. Now on a mission, he made the decision to get a
TH400 and return the Jimmy to its days of glory. After over a week of
work, we finally found the true light at the end of the tunnel.
   Many thanks must go out. To Patrick, for the tranny, Eric and Scott for
your knowledge and helping hands, Robby for the motivational words of
encouragement. But most importantly, to the General Motors Corporation. In
your never ending quest for perfection, you and your crew of engineers
created a master piece, that will forever be known, as Turbo Hydra-Matic. 
  Ive heard recently, a phrase, that seems to be re-iterated throughout
the world. How Dare We Be Optimistic. These 5 words, to sum up the fate of
our future. In these tough times and difficult economy, its easy to think,
how dare we be optimistic. This country, more so than ever since the great
depression, found its-self on the brink, fighting to keep from going over
the edge. But we didnt. And we wont. Thanks to the hard work and
persistence of men like Jake, and General Motors.
   What we need in this country, is a strong, hard working middle class.
Not the weak, corrupt America we know today, where the top 10% hold 95% of
the wealth, but only pay 70% of the taxes. Not the America we know today,
where the average C.E.O. makes 460 times what his average employee under
him makes. No, im talking the strong powered America we had pre-1980's,
were over 3/4 of the population was middle class, not the less than 40% of
today.  Where people were proud to be American, and other envious that
they were not. And more importantly, a time when most cars on the road,
featured a GM TH tranny, not a Japanese POS.
   Folks, i feel a change coming. I believe we can, and will return to the
glory days of America. A change to put the power back in the hands of the
hard working middle class Americans like you and I. A change back to when
General Motors ruled the automotive world. My friends, as I speak to you
today, Detroit once again is in control. No longer does Toyota hold the
top stop. No. Not even # two. Ford is currently the second best selling
car maker in the U.S. And folks, GM is now number one again.   
   I know GM's legacy has been tainted by such things as the 700R4, the
Aztec, bailouts, everything from the 90's, and the Pontiac Fiero. But to
me, and hopefully you all too, they will be more remembered for smooth
operating bullet proof transmissions, Corvettes, employing almost a
million Americans, and not killing people through sticking accelerators.
   In Neil Young's classic 1978 hit Comes a Time, he sang that "This old
world keeps spinning 'round". Very true Neil. It keeps on a spinning,
powered by the hard work of middle classed Americans, and transmitted to
its wheels by a turbo-400.
   Friends, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and no matter what
it turns out to be, we can and will get through it, together. For this is
America. Land of the free, home of the brave, and creators of turbo 400
transmissions, Hamburgers, and high definition pornography. Good night, and
good luck to you all.

May God bless the G.M. Turbo-Hydra-Matics, and may God bless the United
States of America.

Thank you.

Jeep / first thread
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:31:56 AM »
so i noticed there's no topics in the Jeep Technical section. Is this because Jeeps dont break down as often as the rest, or am i the only Jeepster out there. Either way im the first in this section. Ive never been first at anything before; so this is what it feels like to be a winner finally. After all of the failures on Jakes tranny the last 2 days this is a good change of pace.

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