Author Topic: Toyota 3.0L to 3.4L swap  (Read 90 times)

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Toyota 3.0L to 3.4L swap
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:15:59 PM »
Anybody out here ever do one of these?

Some co-workers and I have been attempting this one, taking the old 3.0L V6 out of his 94 Taco, and swapping in a 3.4L out of a 2002 4-Runner. We then got ahold of an engine harness & computer from a wrecked 02 Tacoma V6 4WD manual trans, and clutch & flywheel for same truck configuration (per Toyota tech support, the proper combination to get. very nice of them to email us back btw, if only they would help on the next issue). Everything seems to work together, although none of it has been the direct swap the folks on the internet claim it to be, almost everything has required some amount of modifying.

The stage we're at now, and don't really know exactly how to proceed is the wiring. A conversion harness is out of the question due to time & money (mostly time,as both websites that sell them and 2 shops here in town that claim to do it are all min of a month out to get anything made). I can find all kinds of sites & forums about this particular, and very common, engine swap for older Yoda trucks, all of which proclaiming about how easy it is to wire the new engine harness to the older truck, but none that really give any detail into the specifics of the wiring. We have Haynes manuals for both trucks, and access to Toyota's tech info website, so we have all of the wiring diagrams.

My question though, and the one I'm hoping someone here has some kind of insight on, is: Do I hard wire the new engine harness & computer into the existing vehicle body harness using the wiring diagrams to get the wire functions to match up? IE; ECM power out of new ECM wired into ECM power on body harness, gauge to guage, fuel pump to fuel pump, ignition lead to ignition lead, ect ect ect...

Or is it not that simple? Any thoughts?

BTW, I do have 4 engine harnesses (or part of) and 2 complete body harnesses to work with, so no issues on not having the right plugs or enough wires. And can take pictures of anything you want/need.

And one last thing before you all say it.... I already told him he should of just put a small block Chevy in it.


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