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77 jimmy build/nightmare


Hello all i'm Jason, I met Tony the other day when i picked up some Hummer rims. He has a 90's blazer... Anyway i got some 205 transfer case issues.
The internal linkage is messed up on the rear output side (drivers side). It grinds and pops out of gear in 2hi and 4 hi, and it has a slip yolk in the rear.
I want to buy another 205 out of a 4sp, mines a TH350, and swap some parts around to get the desired T-case.

Or change the input shaft from 10 to 28 spline and bolt it in. Anybody have some experience getting into a 205, ive never taken one apart, and i want to twinstick it as long as i'm there. Money isn't the issue i just like to be thrifty and do most things myself. Thanks in advance :anyone:

Welcome to the site. 

I'm sure we have a couple guys that will be able to answer your questions

Never tore into a 205, but I just rebuilt my 241 for the first time. Pretty straight forward. Midwesttrans has a complete parts listing and exploded breakdown:
This is what I referred to for mine and got parts from them along with American Powertrain Warehouse (they have a good supply of parts also, but shipping and communications aren't too great).
Also, I youtubed videos of tear downs and rebuilds.
Hope some of this helps.


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