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2015 Deer who's putting in?

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AZGFD opened their online lottery today. 
I put our group in for deer in 9 and 36B.  also bought my sheep bonus point
anybody putting in for deer or anything else?

we got skunked on elk so i hope we get deer.  if not we'll buy over the counter leftover tags to get out and do something

I will be putting in for unit 7 so hopefully I can get some hunt time and scouting for my December cow elk hunt in.

Why 36b?


got some good intel on 36B.  friend of a friend is a guide and says he will put us on them there for no cost

azgfd hit my credit card today for $180 so looks like we got drawn for deer.  not sure where yet. 
really excited tho

I don't think I am getting drawn for deer this year. No card hit as of yet, but I won't cry about it because I have a cow elk tag to get ready for.  :violent:


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