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square drive shaft with a cv?

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any issues with building a front square dshaft with a cv?  i was looking at the parts and figured maybe it wouldn't work.  can't remember seeing a square with a cv in the past.
with the height of my tcase output i can't just do a straight square shaft.  i could try to find another stock shaft and lengthen it if necessary

damn, cv's and cv socket yokes are expensive.  Maybe i just find another stock shaft to lengthen

The front d-shaft on Mikes S-10 Blazer has the stock CV and is square. They just cut the round tube off the factory one and welded in the square tube. You need a big welder...and a good welder to weld to get the penetration to the yokes tho.

i would think my 220 welder would be sufficient?  me as a welder maybe not so much...

I built 2 square shafts when I did mine....years ago. I'll bring one to work tomorrow


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