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Lets talk sticky tires

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I think everybody has heard that reds have weak sidewalls but are great tires.  There is some debate on that but take it how you will.

I have heard that the sticky treps are good until they get wet.  strong sidewall and good dry grip.

anybody have any input on the BFG KRT-B's? 

What else is good or something you would recommend?  only interested in stickies at this time in 39-43 sizes

Cuda K5:
from what I have seen, they don't hook up as well as the crawlers, but I will probably end up with a set when I build a buggy. Take offs are all over craigslist and facebook for pretty cheap. I like cheap  :smokin:

I can't even afford to say that word!

there's a guy selling 13 of those krt-b's right now on cl for 200-300 per tire.  good deal imo
if i wasn't broke from getting my rig finished i would be all over 5 of those

Cuda K5:
yup, That is a guy that Lee used to wheel with. Those are off his race car. I'm guessing he is switching sponsers


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