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Been into getting out and popping some mangy coyotes lately.  went out today with Tony and another buddy and got 1. 
our buddy hit it with a 22-250 about 140 yards out with my icotec caller and his FoxPro decoy.
got out to harquahala about 730ish and did 4 stops before getting this guy at our lost stop about 12 or so.  had a great time getting out. 
this was the only one we saw all day.
had a special visitor at the kill site.  you can see it in the solo pic and in the pic above it. 

Nice. I have been wanting to do that as well. We tried 1 round last year but really need to get out more and get some spots located for multiple stands.

went out again this morning.  we were able to call 2 in and ended up only getting one of them.  2 separate spots.
good day and beautiful weather and scenery to be in.  we were north of Tonopah today.  i'll post a pic later when I get it resized
edit:  brother in-law hit it with a 30-06 we think, tony shot at the same time with a .223 but the whole on the exit would appear it was the 06 at that hit.  sorry tony  :lee:

Almost every night I have coyotes calling in my yard and really close. When I used to have goats and chickens they would come in and I would shoot them with the .22 off the back porch. That was good fun.

that would be entertaining for me as well.  would the .22 just make them runoff?  can't imagine it putting one down but maybe?


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