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I've only had one experience with bead lock wheels and it was not pretty.  Currently I have a set of 16.5 X 10 weld wheels with champion bead locks.  What a large pain in the butt to even get them to take air not to mention the 32 bolts on each wheel.  Balancing is out of the question because no reputable tire chop will go near bead lock wheels. 

I have an old friend that does epoxy bead build up on both inner and outer sides of the wheel.  He does guarantee them forever to stay with the wheels and keep the tires in place.  Anyone have any experience with this stuff.  I'm getting to old and feeble to fight with wheels and tire on the trail and I always feel so bad having others help me so much when I know they are out there to have fun and not deal with an old fart.  Thanx.... :beer:

Build up the safety bead on another set of rims with duct tape. Not 16.5 inch of course.

I guess I should have mentioned that the wheels I want built up are my 15X12 wheels and not the 16.5.  The 16.5 bead lock wheels are coming off my big ford and going up for sale.

Cuda K5:
I agree. if you don't want to mess with beadlocks then just use some quality duck tape

Duct tape just does not impress me, but that's just me.  Got the tires off my 12 wide wheels today and they are heading to Phoenix in morning to try the epoxy bead buildup thing.  They are guaranteed to stay on...  I just a hard headed old school wheeler.  I do appreciate to comments though.  Having a sounding board is awesome. :beer:


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