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I just did a motor swap on my 81 k10 and Im having problems getting it all wired back up. I swapped in a 350 from a 74 nova and there are 2 plugs that i have no idea what go to. When I got the battery in and thought i was ready to turn it over i ran into a few more problems, i got power to the break lights and dash lights but no other accessories got power ( CB, LED bar, or radio) there was no clicking or crank when i turned the key the rest of the way.

Does anyone have any idea what those wires might be?

Does anybody use a aftermarket switch panel to run everything? If I end up just ripping out all the wires in the truck right now to rewire everything to a switch panel what all am i going to keep or buy new?

Copper Miner:
Not sure what that 3 wire blob is but the second pick is the wire for the oil psi sending unit. I would check the 3 wires in the first pick for 12+ in run and start position of the ignition switch. Since you say it won't attempt to start those may have something to do with it. It's pretty easy to build a switch panel for the engine to run and you should be able to google a simple diagram as it only takes one hot wire to start and another to the distributor or coil depending on what style distributor you are using for it to run.

king of the pickle park:
Cant really tell but those look like the fusible links that go down to the starter?it would explain some of the probs you are having.

Thanks everyone you guys were right on the second picture, oil pressure sending unit and i still don't know what the 3 wire one is but it doesn't seem to need it to run. it ended up being one of the starter wires got knocked loose when put the headers on. I think the timing or firing order is way off tho because it will crank but there is no spark. But as far as electrical issues I think I have them all figured out.


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