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It appears im sellin my half ton dodge, and am planning on using the money from that sale to build me a classic. Most likely a 69 gmc small window. Probably gonna do a 4" lift and 35s. Clean paint and nice interior. Wantin it for a classy cruiser/dd. What im lookin at right now is puttin in a Lq4/4l80e and havent decided on the case yet. Any thoughts or opinions here? Thinking down the line might get a tune built and drop a ZO6 cam in it. If im not mistaken...i should just buy a cut down harness with just the essentials and have the pcm tuned likewise for just the essentials correct? Is there a shop local thats a reliable tuner that doesnt charge outrageous?

Chevy 205 would be a good selection for a tcase, tho you will have to spend some time on figuring out a compatible adapter. some 4l80's 4wd or 2wd have different output lengths & are 32 spline so, you will need a 32 spline tcase input if the 205 doesn't already have one. some were 31 spline input but im unsure of the years. there is lots of info on the web for 4l80 tcase options & what works. if you plan on running an lq4 for a daily driver and you have no emission in your area then a modified harness is the way to go. i build many different variations of harnesse's from stock with emissions to no emissions, Flyxwire to cable & so on. just remember a 4l80 is TCM controlled so you will need the harness to control electronic shift points. a reworked harness removing emissions, downstream o2's, VATS & other small PCM provisions is the way to go IMHO. i cut down on the harnesses i build to 2 a month. when you get that far & your ready for a harness get intouch with me & i can help you out. below is a harness i just finished up for a customer.

I do indeed livlive in an emissions exempt area! Only 2 harnesses a month huh? Are they that much of a pain in the a**?     Could you pm me a price? I just need a harness that controls the trans and basic engine junk. No cruise, no emissions, no bs...     :violent:


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