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Has anyone here converted to the longer 63" Chevy rear truck springs front and rear?  I'll know they will never ride like coils but are they a cheap compromise for coil springs or coil overs? 

Cuda K5:
Jason has 56" springs on the front of his buggy and has a lot of problems with axle wrap. I'm guessing it would be 10x worse with 63s. They are great in the rear though.

I had planned on fabbing a panhard and a track bar. My thought is $100 worth of used springs vs $3000 worth of coil over and about half the dom tube, rod ends etc.

i have 54" springs on the front of my rig now.  i can't tell you how it is yet though as i'm a slow builder and still in the building phase
there are people on pirate that say the 56's work great in the front with a panhard and the proper steering setup

I'm thinking with a bar like the third link above the diff and a track bar every thing shoud stay in place and move nice I was planning to test my idea with just the top leaf installed, some homemade thin wall tubing  and chaining the frame to the floor and working the suspension through its travel before and after to see what changes. If it worked then I build it. While not as rough as Joes truck I still felt more beat up after a day and only a few miles of offroading than all day in the rail where I'll average 20 mph.  I can alway make multiple spring mounts for either 54s or 63s. I think my main advantage with the 54s would be moving the axle forward a bit for better u joint axles. Without driving them there are so many rigs all different from each other it is hard to pick and choose the best ideas. This beast has plenty of power. Before the next time out I plan to remove the body lift and 5" blocks from the rear. The other thing I'd like would be onboard air. Seriously considering sacrificing the ac system to make a compressor or fiquring how to add another compressor.  While it goes nice and slow with the granny gear the Atlas 10.0 to 1 TC is on my dream list as at this point the truck has more skill than I do. Even in 4 low and low gear it wants to go much faster than I do. ;D


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