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Driveshaft Superstore A.K.A. Gloeco Inc.


This used to be the best place in town to get shafts built. My family and friends have been using it since 1980 when it was known as Gloeco. Now it has 4 names on its website - driveline solutions, arizona drivelines, gloeco and driveshaft superstore. Went there on 4/6/10 to have a 1 ton rear shaft built and order a new flange and yoke. Took the truck down there so they could get an accurate measurement and see what I wanted. They told me it would be ready in 2 days and took my deposit. 11 days later it was finished. Got the shaft and parts home to find out they gave me a yoke for a Dana 44 and not the 12 bolt I had ordered. Had to wait 3 more days for the correct part. Then find out the flange was not right and now it seems the shaft may be too short and the U-joints are not new.  Its been over three weeks and it is still not right. I would not recommend this shop anymore. Also for any of you who have used it before, Oscar (original owner) has passed recently and the shop is being run by new staff. I am going to Phoenix Rack and Axle in the morning to see if they can fix it.

Sadly myself and many others feel your pain. I used to be personal friends with Brian, his grandfather is the one who started that business and was known to be a great person.. sadly Oscar ran the place into the ground, bad welds, re-used u-joints, wrong material when something else was asked for.. not standing behind the product. If people thought it could not get worse they were wrong, Oscar recently passed away and the place is somehow worse off from what I am hearing.

Phoenix rack N axle is a great company, they also recently aquired dicks drivelines. Talk to steve or berney and tell them shawn the fire extiguisher guy sent you. They will treat you right,  I personaly have had almost 1 shafts made and am very happy with both the products and service! They truely stand behin thier work, and are easy to dealw ith and professinal to boot!

I have a few friends shops that use them, as well as countless people I know, always the same consistant level of service and product.


PTO SALES does great work and are priced real reasonable also. They use Spicer products. Talk to Dewey or Steve at the Phoenix location off 16th street and Brodway.

OMG  Don't get me started on that place!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes they suck indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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