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I just went to pick n pull this weekend I was going to get some cherokee springs and a steering wheel but the cashier said $120.00 for 2 springs and a junky steering wheel :eek: so I left the springs and got the wheel for $20.00 still a little high. I went to Pull a Part on buckeye and got the springs for 9.99 each and a price sheet. when I got home I pulled up pick n pulls price sheet on their website and checked the price for the springs it said $23.99 each with a 2.99 core and 16.99 for the steering wheel how does that add up to 120.00  :thumbsdown: I also checked a lot of their other prices and most were double some were triple. and that's just their regular yard. I also checked for a price for new springs and that was only $80.00 for the set and the steering wheel I bought is only $34.99 new :angryrant:

junk yards aren't really meant for the vendor section as they can tell the 6th grade dropout student to charge whatever they want for items that day  :2cents:
more for real vendors but i guess you are warning people about possible mishaps.  i think they are just hit and miss

They are still very much a vendor  they sell parts and are owned by a major corporation. half of my rig is from junk yards they are no different than a locally owned parts house. but yes I am trying to warn people that this particular parts vendor is going out of their way to rip people off regardless of what their employees are doing. I would expect their employees to try and pad the bill to line their pockets. but their prices have gotten ridiculous just go to their website and check for your self

well if that's the case, thank you for the heads up

Ecology did something like that to me a few years ago. Scrap yards can be Shady.


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